Dreamers Farm

North Brewham Somerset

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Simon and Kate Oakley started Dreamers Farm in 2003. Our aim to farm traditionally as a mixed livestock farm supplying high quality produce direct to consumers. We now produce Beef, Lamb, Pork, Free range eggs and Unpasteurised Jersey cows milk.

For sales enquires ring 01749 850016 or email sales@dreamersfarm.co.uk

Hereford Beef
We farm Hereford cattle fed on grass/hay/silage. This breed are hardy strong and traditional producing fine quality beef.

Gloucester old spot crossed landrace to produce good quality pork, sausages, bacon and ham. The pigs are free range until bad weather, when they are loose straw housed.

Lleyn sheep are excellent mothers and produce delicious lamb.

Traditional free range hens
100 – 150 hens for traditional free range meaning they are fed outside in grass paddocks.

Unpasteurised Jersey Milk
There are usually 12 Jersey cows in milk they are milked early morning and early evening. We milk two at a time in our parlour. The cows are grass fed on our meadow grass and hay/silage in winter. All our milk is sold within 36 hours of production. We only sale whole untreated milk. It is bottled in quantities of one and two litres.


Turkeys are brought in as day olds for Christmas they are fed free range until weathers gets to bad.



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