Dreamers Farm

North Brewham Somerset

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Dreamers Farm was set up in 2003, by Simon and Kate Oakley. Our aim to farm traditionally as a mixed livestock farm supplying high-quality produce direct to consumers. We now produce Jersey Cows Milk, Cream, Natural Yoghurt and Free-range Eggs.

We have local milk-rounds several mornings a week, or you can collect your products in person on Saturdays at Bath Farmers Market.

For any enquiries, ring 01749 850016 or email sales@dreamersfarm.co.uk

Unpasteurised Jersey Milk
There are usually around 20 Jersey cows milking. In the summer they live outdoors, grazing our meadow grass, while in the winter they prefer to stay in the barn, living on the hay and silage we made earlier in the year. The cows are milked two at a time in our parlour, early in the morning and in the evening. Some of the milk is used to make yoghurt or cream, but most is bottled, to sell as whole untreated milk. We currently use one-litre plastic bottles, though we are looking into using reuseable glass bottles in the future.

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Traditional free range eggs
There are around 60 hens on the farm, which are kept in a traditional free-range system, meaning they live in large grass paddocks, with 24-hr access to wooden houses for shelter and roosting at night.

Other animals!
As well as the cows and poultry, we keep a small flock of Lleyn sheep, which are excellent mothers and produce delicious lamb. Also a few Gloucester Old Spot cross Landrace pigs, to produce high quality pork, sausages, bacon and ham. The pigs are free-ranging until bad weather, when they are loose-housed with straw bedding.